Helpful tips

Before You Begin

Watch carefully the show and demonstration by our staff. Do not hesitate to ask any question.

Check out the weather forecast. Consult our staff for the places is better to visit depending on the weather.

Check the rescue and fire fighting equipment. Wear life jackets to children and those who do not know how to swim.

Make sure you have at least a charged mobile phone or car charger 12volt.

Getting started

Lower the engine into the water with the help of the button "trim down".

Make sure you wear on your hand the safety rope "quick stop".

Make sure all passengers are seated.

Make sure the lever is in the vertical position. Only then the engine can be started.

During the cruise

The operator of the vessel must always take into account the maritime traffic, the depth of the sea and the existence of bathers. Keep a course right on channels and harbors.

Do not leave more than 2 nautical miles from the coast. (applies to vessels that do not require license for speedboat)

Never go through the moving boat bow.

Keep safety from shores and bathers.

If you need to reach a coastline, reduce your speed to the minimum and trim up if the water is shallow.

Do not use the anchor in deep water unless you see the bottom. The rope should be about three times the depth.

Before anybody dives in the water, the operator must make sure that the anchor has "caught" and the engine is switched off.